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Recent versions of Origin has shipped with a number of palettes that are significantly better than the previous version which essentially uses a default Windows color scheme. However, many “more scientific” and visually more pleasant schemes are not available in Origin because the latter uses a binary PAL file format. Thanks to Peter Karpov (http://inversed.ru/Blog_2.htm) a collection of reasonable colormaps are available in the CSV format, including several improved ones with methods described in his blog post. Here I converted all these colormaps into the binary PAL file format which can be directly imported into Origin and be used. The recommended way is to copy all .pal files into your <User Files Folder>\Palettes\ folder. More information on Origin PAL can be found at https://www.originlab.com/doc/Origin-Help/CustomizeOrigin-NewColorPal.

List of colormaps (http://inversed.ru/Blog_2.htm):

Download ZIP file for the PALs below. Download